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Strategic Consulting

At Know Thy Market, we understand that strategic questions can be difficult to address objectively in the ‘inside fog’ of day-to-day meetings, crises, and opportunities. As we see it, the role of an effective strategic consultant is to focus on the strategic question at hand in a thoroughly methodical and objective manner. Such third-party input, if developed from a rigorous and impartial analysis of all available data, can dissolve the bottlenecks between a company and its most lucrative opportunities. That is how strategic consulting can provide considerable added value.

Our approach involves extensive research, data-driven analysis, followed by the formulation of actionable insights to address the problem and/or optimize the opportunity. These insights, the outcome of the consulting engagement, are communicated both in writing and in live presentations to the client. Our strategic consulting is always tailored, as finely as possible, to the specific needs of each client.

From the expansion of a Silicon Valley startup to assistance with the sale of an established East Coast life sciences firm, the skill set of Know Thy Market has proven to be a worthwhile investment for a wide variety of consulting engagements. Our primary industry specialties are technology/telecom, life sciences/biotech, retail, financial services, real estate development, entertainment/broadcasting, and consumer products. Joe Carlen is usually the lead consultant but Robert Bell does take on select consulting projects – usually in the consumer products space.

In light of Know Thy Market’s deep business valuation and market assessment expertise, these are the primary issues addressed by our consulting engagements:

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Market Penetration/Growth Strategy

• Intellectual Property Commercialization

• Sales Optimization

My company hired KTM to examine a new treatment for a medical condition and prepare a market & commercialization report. In preparing the analysis for this project, Mr. Carlen and his assistant demonstrated an impressive ability to quickly grasp complicated medical information, analyzing it intelligently and preparing in a timely manner a professionally written and convincing report. Impressed, a year later, we engaged the firm another time for a similar project. Once again, we were very satisfied by the value of the insights we gained from KTM. In addition to the quality of Mr. Carlen's work, it has always been pleasure working with him; he is friendly, cooperative and responsive. Without reservation, I recommend KTM highly.

Ziv Harish, MD
Allergy and Immunology

KTM leverages Carlen’s multidisciplinary background in finance/valuation, market analysis, and technology into strategic consulting pertaining to well-defined top and bottom line objectives. Moreover, on select consumer products projects, Mr. Bell's entrepreneurial insights are utilized as well. The author of "The Einstein of Money: The Life and Timeless Financial Wisdom of Benjamin Graham", Mr. Carlen has Masters Degrees in both business and technology, certification from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, and over 14 years of business analysis & strategic consulting experience.

Book CoverClients seeking maximal value from each consulting dollar are eager to cut to the essence of each strategic situation. Know Thy Market shares that eagerness: We will help ensure that you will gain the objective & actionable insights to expedite the attainment of your business goals.

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